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  • Development of an information technology business plan.
  • Trusted advisor for complex and multi vendor projects.
  • Business & technology alignment analysis.
  • Technology roadmap planning and justification.
  • Information technology process and methodology consulting.
  • Liaison of company interest and internet service provider offerings.
  • Return on investment analysis and executive high-level presentations.

Engineering​ & Design

  • Network and IT infrastructure dimensioning
  • Overall network design and optimization planning.
  • Routing plan and validation.
  • Capacity planning verification and roadmap planning.
  • Traffic engineering and redundancy certification.
  • Internet service provider liaison regarding design generation.
Engineering​ & Design


  • Development of IT security policies and best practices.
  • Provide security systems assessment and validation.
  • Design, install, support, optimize and manage complex firewall architectures.
  • Deployment and development of employee internet management solutions.
  • In depth forensic analysis evaluation and formal reports.
  • Design and implementation of intrusion detection and prevention systems.
  • Vulnerability assessment review with formal documentations.
  • Penetration testing evaluations per request or methodical approach.
  • System hardening and incident response.

Project Management & Training

  • Create and execute project work plans and revise as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.
  • General organization, planning of tasks and phases for the project, assignment of resources.
  • Gant chart development, progress and finalizing.
  • Scope of work generation and updating.
  • Quality assurance and validation procedures.
  • Sharing of best practices techniques using real-life experience and examples.
  • Technical laboratories to provide hands-on and customized trainings.
  • Post-project personalized instructions on how to manage and support the specific components implemented.
  • Case Studies and real-life IT manager experiences and resolution techniques.

Networking​ & Managed Services

  • Review of network infrastructure and current or possible future issues.
  • Deep evaluation of network devices and the impact on the applications.
  • Network capacity, throughput and end-to-end interpacket timing analysis.
  • Best practices recommendations, documentation and network diagram development.
  • Security: Unified Threat Management, Firewall, IDS/IPS, Secure Routers.
  • Connectivity: MPLS, Metro-Ethernet, Router, LAN, Frame Relay.
  • Unified Communications: IP Telephony, Voice Applications, Voice Routers, SMB’s IP portfolio
Networking​ & Managed Services
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